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Home… help my baby sleep through the night


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Your baby will only fall asleep when nursing or bottle-feeding

  • Your baby needs a soother or pacifier in order to get back to sleep.
  • You are waking up with your baby once, twice, three (or more) times each night.
  • Your baby needs to be rocked, bounced, or taken for a car ride in order to nap.
  • You are ready for your baby to sleep through the night.
  • Your own lack of sleep is starting to take a toll on you and your family.

If so, I can help…

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way. Sleeping poorly night after night is not something you have to endure now just because you’ve become a parent. Great health and happiness are things we all desire, and they start with a good night’s sleep. Giving your child the skills he or she needs to sleep well is a gift that will last a lifetime. My job is to help your baby sleep through the night and in turn, to help you sleep well.

So let’s get started! The first step is a free 15-minute consultation we’ll use to discuss your child’s sleep habits and how I can help. Please contact me via email at or by telephone 817-475-1945 to learn how your little child be sleeping through the night in just a few days.

There’s NO NEED TO BE LOCAL. I work with families across the U.S. via email and phone. Contact me today for your free consultation and to learn how your baby can be sleeping through the night in just a few days.

I am also available for speaking events and small group classes, upon request.